$200 KOBE BEEF Sandwich & MUST TRY Sandwiches in Tokyo Japan17:09

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My food adventure in Tokyo Japan continues as I spend the entire day eating sandwiches nonstop!! Japan has incredible sandwiches such as egg sandwich, fruit sandwich, melon pineapple ice cream sandwich, and a $200 Kobe Beef sandwich! The $200 Kobe Beef sandwich is pricey, but it was delicious.

My favorite sandwiches in Japan are the egg sandwiches, and you can find them anywhere from the department store to the convenient stores. And then the fresh juicy pork tonkatsu cutlet sandwich at Maisen’s is amazing. Gotta go check that place out. So really you can get a variety of savory or sweet sandwiches anywhere in Japan.

Check out my video: All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan! ►

The places I went to:

✧ CAMELBACK sandwich&espresso

✧ Maisen || Tonkatsu

✧ Mitsukoshi Ginza store

✧ 3D Latte Cafe Art – Reissue

✧ Melon Pan Ice Tokyo Shibuya Kōen Dōri

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$200 KOBE BEEF Sandwich & MUST TRY Sandwiches in Tokyo Japan

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Victor Lui

Cool video Mike. 200 dollar sandwiches are to baller. Wagyu mafia is cool though. That wagyu medallion with all that marbling was way to baller. Oh well. Where’s Jasmina? You should eat some more spicy hot foods with Jasmina, she’s so funny when it comes to spicy hot foods! 😆😍❤🤘👊


My mom always made tuna salad sandwiches with eggs, such a delicious combo. I thought that was a popular dish here in the states… am I wrong??

dude dusty

Love your videos…

Leann Hill

I do not like that now you have money we have to watch 250 sandwiches. Let’s go back to street food.


kill me. all i want is a sandwich now.

Creeper Ferret

I don’t care what y’all say that’s not a proper sandwich a sandwich takes you back to when you went to school on a field trip and got the bag lunch and when you bite into it the turkey and roast beef is the first thing your tongue touches then the mayo and mustard mixed together and the bread just acting as a wrap and then when you go to jersey mikes the first time and get that Philly Cheesesteak and your dad takes you home that’s what a real sandwich is

Damn I’m hungry


What is wrong with his eyes?


That poor little dumpling in the intro, getting poked and poked… all before GETTING EATEN!

H Karim

My god this looks amazing! Why haven’t I gone to Japan too try this?

*looks at bank account*

O yah.


Why $ isn’t it paid in yen?