23-Year-Old Completes Trip Across Country on Rollerblades01:17

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The young woman who traveled coast to coast on Rollerblades has completed her nearly 4,000-mile journey. At times, 23-year-old Yanise Ho battled severe heat, heavy rains and fierce winds, but nothing could stop her. She kicked off her adventure in Miami, documenting the seven-month trip with a makeshift selfie stick. Most impressively, she traveled with no money, relying instead on the kindness of others to give her a place to sleep and eat.

23-Year-Old Completes Trip Across Country on Rollerblades

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That’s so awesome

Sports Seb

What’s her last name

Sports Seb


Frisky Dong

And this is news why??


*Where can I find her* ? *I want to know more about her journey*

Beto G Svlk

Female version of forest gump 😂

Coney Gee

Her positive attitude is inspirational. Wow, amazing!!!

Rosekit 2

This lady is now my new role model. God bless, this lady is absolutely amazing!

Thug Life


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