Ellen & Michelle Obama Go to Costco06:35

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Michelle Obama is on a book tour for her new memoir, “Becoming,” so Ellen thought the best place to set up an impromptu book signing was one of America’s favorite wholesale stores, Costco. Watch as they sign books for unsuspecting fans, do some shopping, and Ellen provides a musical interlude just for the former First Lady.


Ellen & Michelle Obama Go to Costco

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Dayna Edwards

The Ellen and Michelle in stores videos are the best ones who agrees? 🙋😂💕

Marl Ed

FriendshipGoal👌🏽Proud of this friendship👏🏽


I love them together 🤣🤣

Prisciliano Trejo

Ellen flexing with her balenciagas

Michelle Lainez

The old lady in the pink LMAOOOO it ends with an ”m”

Daniel He

Secret service chillin in the background

Chiengdeng Gai

Michelle, why are you funny like that. Hmmmmmmm

Chiengdeng Gai

I need your book

Rahime Dincel

Ff yu

Angelica Williams

THIS WAS HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂 They both seem so laid back and cool to hang out with.