International Hot Sauce Taste Test14:53

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to to get the Pixel 3 for yourself! #teampixel We’ve got some international hot sauces, darts, and a giant map. You know what this means.  GMM #1421

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International Hot Sauce Taste Test

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Grace Potter

“You don’t have to throw the dart through the board.”
*You don’t have to throw the dart at Chase, Link*

Vanessa Piwowarczyk

I love these kinds of videos who else does?

Melissa Addonisio

The international food dart throwing taste tests are my fav GMM videos!


It seems obvious why Rhett always wins at darts – he leans forward, and with his height and long arm he is farther forward then Link!

Lea Bostwick

Those new mythical sweatshirts are as hot as those international hot sauces! 🔥

Meriem's life

#tunisia 😍😍😍😍

Caleb Payne

Currently eating a hot pocket. Can you do an episode on gourmet hot pockets? I also previously recommended “will it ping pong ball?” Why don’t I have a job offer yet?

Nightshade Kelly

I would have thought japan imeditly with the first one cause it was green and wasabi is green and spicy

Darren Vail

“Fishes are smeats!”

Ferny Quintana

Do international coffee and show my motherland some love 🇬🇹