Jay Shafer’s Stunning $5,000 Tiny House16:07

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Jay Shafer is a man who many know as the Godfather of the modern tiny house movement. It was 20 years ago now that he build his original tiny house on wheels and that moment has since inspired thousands of people all over the world (me included) to construct their own tiny homes.

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His new tiny house design is aimed at taking things back to the absolute basics and simplicity in all aspects. That means a home which is simple and pleasant to live in, simple to build and also simple to afford. This new tiny house design costs a remarkably low sum of US $5000!

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In this weeks episode, we explore Jay’s new tiny house and dive into his philosophy around tiny homes, tiny house building and much more.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

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Jay Shafer's Stunning $5,000 Tiny House

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Living Big In A Tiny House

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. We made it to 1 million subscribers! I honestly can’t believe it. Thank-you all so much for your support to this channel and our journey. It’s been such a ride over these past years with lots of ups and downs. Building a tiny house, and starting this channel was absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done with my life. Really though, it’s you, the viewers who make all this possible, so thank-you for being a part of our journey and helping us to do what we love. My promise to you… Xem thêm »

Elizabeth Marco

Australians are the best TV hosts, it’s just the way they speak- sounds so comfortable. Idk

Tomi Rabbit

I knew a kid and her play house in her backyard was bigger than this. Lol

eric murphy

This is amazing, strangely I don’t have a Tiny home question, What I do have is a audio question: What system are you using to record your audios? And what settings do you have them on, particularly the outdoors audio. Thank you!

Iñigo Hiroki

This is perfect! It’s like your go to place to be with nature and relax! The shared kitchen and loo is cool thing.

Rosie W

Goes inside at 6:18.

Varsha Scooby

Necessity is mother of invention – proved in this video

Sara Meitner

Hey Bryce, Hey Rasa – Every little bit, with this wealth of insightful, caring interactions with the people and their philosophies behind their tiny houses – and the accompanying visuals – that you guys share, I think “it can’t get better than this” – and yet it does. You’ve done it yet again, the bar has been raised – yet again. Many thanks to you both, to your tribute to Jay – and this time especially to Jay himself. You all rock!

Todd T

This nice but a RV trailer has everything all together yet a bit more on price.

rough use

where’s the toilet and shower