Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother’s favorite14:32

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Obama and her brother, Craig Robinson, reflect on growing up on Chicago’s South Side, plus the former first lady shares how her daughters have gotten guidance from the Bush sisters.

Michelle Obama says her brother is still their mother's favorite

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olaoye oyeolaposi

i want first lady michelle obama to be girlfriend everytime

Boyd J. Twerk

Wow. A First Lady who doesn’t have to go on tv to “defend’ her husband’s statements about “grabbing women by the pussy”…imagine that.


Your sex change probably bothers her…still the ugliest tranny ever.


😩 I miss youuu Michelle

Lucas Williams

She’s a man. No troll

steven wentling

He had IVF cause he is a tranny

steven wentling

Her book will make a great fireplace starter

Britny Bish

Is the big black dude have lipstick on?

Hell Bent

Looks like 2 brothers to me.🖕🏻🇺🇸

Sabrina Sojagirl

I love you Michelle 🐻