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Andy Fancher is a 19-year-old on a mission to preserve history. For the past three years, he’s been documenting the stories of World War II veterans on his YouTube channel. This Veterans Day, he’s using the StoryCorps app to record an oral history with an important veteran in his life, and archive it in the Library of Congress.

Visit to record an oral history with a veteran in your life.

In honor of the brave individuals who have served our country, StoryCorps, Google and YouTube are working together to highlight the stories of past and present service members from all branches of the military with a Veterans Day Google Doodle that features the voices of five veterans.


To learn more about the Veterans Day Google Doodle, visit:

To learn more about Andy Fancher’s films, visit his YouTube Channel:

Veterans Voices | Listening is Honoring

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Destiny Neasby

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service and your kindness to keep our lives out of harms way. Beautiful video by the way

Gregory Ellison

That is awesome, always loved these stories. Even talked to Axis Power vets, as well as countless Americans. Amazing stuff. Gotta watch Band of Brothers again….most amazing made for cable show ever

Joel Smith

Shout-out to all the ww2 veterans, the only ones alive that are the reason we are where we are.


Thank you to all veterans for your service

Dark Link

it is absolutely ridiculous that “DROPPING EXERCISE BALL FROM 1,000 FEET!” is number one on trending, but this is number two.


God Bless

Kyle Epic Vlogs

235 people need to be booted out of this country

Carballo, Nicolette 21

The veterans have this voice that when they tell the story of what they did, you can feel and imagine of what they experienced through their life time. Very beautiful and heart warming.

Med Sousane

My respects ❤❤❤


Thank You Google team for putting these up! Happy Veterans & Remembrance Day!