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Xem phim Trailer: Catch Falling Before Fireworks on March 31 | Falling Before Fireworks | 最食人间烟火色 | iQIYI Full Bộ ▶️Watch more episodes on iQIYI App:
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【Falling Before Fireworks】is coming on iQIYI with multiple subtitles. Watch more episodes with early access and premium experience ONLY on iQIYI APP and www.iq.com!

【Introduction】Si Qing is a loan manager of a bank. She is a well-known beauty, with a glamorous appearance, outstanding work performance, and a “tacky” life of looking to purchase cars and houses. In order to recover a bad loan, she met Jing Chen, a traditional craftsman for the first time. One is a white-collar worker who was “kidnapped” by a debt collection task and is a filthy capitalist, and the other is a cold craftsman who has no car, house, nor cash, and lives in the countryside surrounded by green mountains and green waters. The two people who dislike each other become entangled with each other with fate. On the day of the winter solstice of her 28th birthday, Si Qing, who was forgotten by her parents and isolated by her colleagues, became distressed and finally collapsed in the massive adult stress she has been shouldering. It was until in the Sui Garden that is full of Jiangnan charm, the small bowl of winter solstice dessert Jing Chen made in celebration for the festival was mistaken by Si Qing to be the only warmth she has received this birthday. Right there, she made an impulsive marriage proposal. As Jing Chen was also under the pressure of the debt Si Qing was trying to collect, he agreed to the proposal. What they don’t know is this marriage is just the beginning…

【Cast】Lu Yangyang, Chen Xihai

《Falling Before Fireworks》
《Nothing But You》
《Road Home》
《Belonged To Your World》
《Taste of Love》
《Warm on a Cold Night》
《Never Give Up》
《Perfect Mismatch》
《Love Me Like I Do》
《The Long Ballad》
《Hello There》
《Viva Femina》
《She and Her Perfect Husband》
《Flight To You》
《Wild Bloom》
《New Life Begins》

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Trailer: Catch Falling Before Fireworks on March 31 | Falling Before Fireworks | 最食人间烟火色 | iQIYI

@inxiaomnia nói: The FL looks like Dreamcatcher’s Jiu lol.
@linatneoh8607 nói: 请问剧裡英文歌男生唱什么名謝謝
@prithadasbhowmick07 nói: Except Iqiyi where can I watch ???
@yeepeicheah8226 nói: 超好看!!
@christanaujok4319 nói: Can someone please tell me where I can watch the full episodes. I do not find her. Thanks very much.
@hyonahhong3897 nói: Main theme ost reminds me of Korean movie “Classic “ starring Jo In Seong and Son Ye Jin.
@inneg.4108 nói: Chen XinHai …..This Drama is Very Interesting ……”Falling Before Fireworks”……The Best…..
@inneg.4108 nói: Chen Xin Hai…….Drama Falling Before Fireworks……The Best…..
@WolfSoul89 nói: what’s wrong with the subtitles?
@x33joycelyn24 nói: 2:14 what song is that ?
@Dannnnnn4 nói: The description about the introduction is wrong. It’s about NOTHING BUT YOU
@zarazhala7331 nói: Finally you post a trailer!